PR Picks: Round Three


We’re back with our third round of PR Picks! For those of you who haven’t read the other two, this is where we highlight our favorite products from those brands who generously gifted them to us. These are the best of the best. Hope you enjoy the read and thank you for taking the time :)



The Jillian Dempsey Cheek Tint is my favorite cream blush formula to date. It’s not too creamy and still incredibly easy to blend and apply. My go-to shade is “Sunny” which is perfect for that sort of sunburnt look. I usually apply a tiny bit on my nose to make it look more realistic. Now, this isn’t an extremely sunburnt look, maybe more of a sunkissed one! Because it’s a tint it looks pretty natural on skin, but it’s also buildable so you can always create a more vibrant look with it too. You can mix shades like I do with “Sunny” and “Petal”. The Cheek Tints are $28 each. Sure, there are some great, less expensive blush options out there, but these are quality and will last a while. You really don’t need to use a lot because the color payoff is amazing!


The Poof Acne Treatment from reVive Light Therapy is super travel friendly because of its size. It’s probably the size of my finger! The blue LED light penetrates the skin to kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation. What caught my eye is that the website says, “100% of users participating in a clinical study experienced a significant reduction in acne.” That’s what I like to hear, especially about something that helps clear acne. I use this for just three minutes a day on each pimple and I’ve actually seen results within one to two days. The time will probably vary depending on the type of pimple. I plan on taking this with me whenever I travel since traveling tends to break me out. Overall I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how effective the Poof is. I also really like that it’s marketed towards students, so it’s not an expensive skincare device ($20).


The K-Beauty Rescue Balm from Peach & Lily is a multipurpose balm that I specifically like to use around my nose. The small corners around my nose are particularly sensitive to dry climates and also the spots that always end up the most over-exfoliated. This balm is unlike other balms I’ve tried. It’s not sticky and it’ll actually absorb into my skin instead of sitting on top of it. You only need to use the smallest amount! It really helps to heal those spots that need extra care. Because it’s multipurpose, you can really use this anywhere. On your face, lips, elbows, knees, wherever you think you need it.


Melon D’Eau from Gourmand is automatically a favorite because it’s a watermelon scent. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I’m obsessed with anything watermelon. This obsession only grows in the summer, making this an ideal summer fragrance. You can read a little bit about why I love watermelon so much in my Beauty Babble interview with A Beauty Blob. Back to the fragrance… The notes are iced watermelon, lemon zest and raspberry cream. If that doesn’t sound amazing then IDK what does. Gourmand makes some great fragrances that are also affordable ($18). When I was a freshman in high school I wore Macaron Rose all the time!


By the time you read this the Mercury Retrograde Jelly Balm from NCLA Beauty will have recently launched (just in time for Mercury in retrograde BTW). I was never really into jelly balms until I tried this one. It has a slight pink tint, the shade of pink will differ based on your natural pH levels. This is another product that’s buildable. For a more natural lip, swipe it on once or twice. For something glossier and more vibrant, add a couple extra swipes. It’s a really great day to night product that will keep your lips hydrated throughout the day. NCLA Beauty’s products are vegan and cruelty free.