Not Pot – CBD Chocolates: Review


Hey there! A lot of people have been wondering and asking me my thoughts on Not Pot's CBD chocolates. I've been taking them for about a month (it's a 30 day supply) and now I think I can share my thoughts with you :) I initially was interested because I, like a lot of people, struggle with anxiety. I have for a few years and finding ways to cope with it has been hard too. I gave Not Pot a try in hopes of being able to chill out a bit more lol. Let me say off the bat, Not Pot is free of gluten, soy, dairy and THC (which is the psychoactive that would get you high).

First let's talk about the CBD in the chocolates. CBD is Cannabidiol which will not get you high, hence the name "Not Pot" and the label saying very clearly "This is Not Pot". CBD has healing components and many people use it for a lot of different reasons including to help treat pain, anxiety, diabetes, cancer and more. CBD is completely legal too :) The dosage of CBD in Not Pot is pretty low and ideal for those who are just starting to use CBD. Not Pot includes Ashwagandha as well, which also helps with stress and anxiety. I actually have been taking Ashwagandha for a couple months too!

Now, the taste. It is a dark chocolate so it's not necessarily sweet, but a little bitter. I love chocolate regardless so this wasn't a problem for me, although I did discover that I sneeze every time I eat one! I looked this up and asked some people, they said it's normal for it to happen to certain people but it can't really be explained. There are some theories about it if you're interested in Googling it. Anyways, you're meant to have one of these chocolate hearts once a day. I prefer to take them in the evening.

Packaging is almost always important too. It comes in a cute little jar that will sit pretty on your nightstand or wherever you decide to put it. The fact that the chocolates are in the shape of hearts is even more of a plus! The sweet packaging kind of makes the whole thing more approachable to those who aren't familiar with CBD. Nothing to be afraid of!

In my personal experience... I love eating chocolate, yes. I could probably eat more than one a day and some days I wish I did because they taste good. More importantly, I tried to monitor how I felt while taking these over the past month. My anxiety can get pretty bad and this month has been crazy especially because of Mercury being in retrograde...but lets not talk about that, I'm sure we were all struggling. Since Not Pot contains a low dosage of CBD, I personally couldn't feel much of a difference, well depending on the time. Also depending on what you are trying to treat and the severity of it, Not Pot will take shorter or longer to work. You could need to take these consistently for a longer period of time to see a difference, but someone else may see a difference within the month.

In the mornings if I took it I would still feel anxious, but in the evening I mellowed out more. Maybe it was because the day was winding down, but I found that taking it a few hours before bed gave me a more restful sleep (I track the quality of my sleep with this app called Pillow). Days where I had Not Pot during the day ended with sleep quality in mid to high 60%. If I took it in the evening, my sleep quality would jump into the mid to high 70%.

In the future I would love to try something with a higher dose. I believe that Not Pot will create something new for all the people who are feeling the same as me. Until then I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of that! And now I know that dark chocolate makes me sneeze hehe.