Mai's Pamper Routine

Hi everyone, it’s Mai here!

So sorry that I missed my post last week! I was out of town for some unexpected family issues and completely forgot to plan / write out a post for all of you :( 

BUT, I’m back this week, and ready to share my pamper routine with all of you! 


I love to spoil myself as much as possible (especially if I’m extremely stressed out or under the weather), and a couple of days ago, I came down with some sort of cold / sinus thing. The FIRST thing I did was light some candles and sink down into a bubble bath lol. 

So, I guess that’s the first thing we can talk about in my routine - a hot bath. 

- Taking a bath is actually an event for me lol. It’s never nonchalant or rushed. I take my time and enjoy every single moment of it. I like to set the mood and dim the lights. I normally light a few candles, play soft music in the background, and either completely tune everything out or read a book. I’ll even have a glass of wine if I’m really trying to wind down enough to go right to bed afterwards lol. 

- After my hot bath, I start my “extended” skincare routine - I basically just go the extra mile with treating my skin and take my time doing it. Candles still lit. Music still playing in the background. Lights still dimmed. Always a face mask (I’ve been loving the Caudalie Glycolic Peel Mask). I take this seriously lmao. I’ll even take this time to jade roll a bit to help my products sink in more effectively.  


- While my face mask does its thing, I’ll normally continue to read a bit, or I’ll scroll through my favorite online stores (just to see what’s new) because I have an extreme shopping addiction that I should probably get help for :) But anyway. After bookmarking at least 12 new things that I convince myself that I need, I’ll remove my face mask, continue on with my routine, and crawl into my warm bed to binge watch something on Netflix until I fall asleep. (With another glass of wine. Or two. And maybe some Cheetos or something.) I’ve been really into Forensic Files and true crime documentaries in general - kinda weird to watch when you’re trying to relax, but hey …. it works for me lmao. Lastly, I’ll apply some sort of lip mask before bed, because my lips need love too! 

Now, I realize this sounds like the written script for one of those cringe-worthy “Nighttime Routine” videos you see on Youtube, but trust me … when I’m in pamper mode, I tune everything else out and focus on myself. And I know, I should pamper myself every night, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t give themselves the self-care time that they need/deserve. I’m guilty - I really need to care for myself more. 

Maybe that can be the homework for this post - give yourself at least 3 pamper nights this week! Also, reach out to us on Instagram to tell us what products you used and how exactly you went about pampering yourself. I’m curious to know how we all unwind! 

I look forward to hearing from everyone! 

Have a great weekend!