Our Favorite Products from May


We’re bringing back our PR Picks series, but this time we promise to keep it consistent! At the end of each month both of us will select two or three of our favorite products that we got to try that month and give you a little review of them. So, let’s start with our favorite products from the month of May.

Dax’s Picks

Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm

$110.00 USD | 1.7 oz / 50 ml

This cleansing balm was one that took me a little while to get used to. I was able to try a little travel sized version a few months ago which didn’t leave me with such a great impression. But, the reason it’s on this month’s favorites list is because I gave it another shot and figured out how to use it properly. This is what I use as a first cleanse to remove all makeup, SPF and whatever else needs to get off my face before I go to bed (I only use it at night). It’s pretty thick and you only need a tiny amount, like the size that the little spatula holds. I have to make sure that my hands and face are dry when I’m applying because it doesn’t seem to go well with water at all. That being said, it doesn’t necessarily rinse off with just water. It comes with a little cloth that you’re supposed to wet and use to remove the balm, which works perfectly although I always get makeup residue and the cleansing balm on the cloth. The cloth is going to need a lot more washing than you may be used to, more frequently. After wiping my face, most if not all of the makeup is gone and I can proceed with my second cleanse! There haven’t been too many cleansing balms that have removed my makeup as effectively as this one does. This product contains Hungarian moor mud which is meant to detoxify your skin as it cleanses. And for those who don’t use fragranced products, this is a fragranced product.

Barbara Sturm Balancing Toner

$75.00 USD | 5.07 oz / 150 ml

As of lately I’ve been struggling with over-exfoliated skin, primarily on my chin, around my mouth and nose. I’ve found this balancing toner to be especially helpful in my skin’s recovery because it’s really hydrating and gets rid of any tightness you may feel after cleansing. If you didn’t know, toners are meant to rebalance the pH of your skin after you cleanse. Barbara Sturm’s toner contains Hyaluronic Acid, which has been a main ingredient in my skincare routine as I cut out all of the acids and exfoliants. This toner is very gentle on the skin and a really mild choice for any skin type. It’ll even help calm any irritation or redness (good news for my over-exfoliated skin!). I personally have been using this with my hands and patting it on, but it could also be used on a cotton pad. I’m staying away from cotton pads until my skin is feeling better since the cotton pads can be a little rough on the skin and exfoliate when you don’t want to.

Erborian TouchPen Complexion Sculptor and Concealer

$31.00 USD | 5 ml / 0.16 oz

I haven’t owned a proper concealer in a couple years and being without it for so long made trying this product so much better. I had seriously forgotten how much better concealer makes me look! Erborian’s TouchPen is a “complexion sculptor” as well as a concealer, which means that you can use it to highlight. But, I have to say the shade is a little too dark for it to work as a sculptor. As a concealer it works really well, especially if I use it over their BB or CC creams, which are also the same shade name (“Dore”) as the TouchPen. The applicator is a soft sponge tip, my favorite kind! I like to apply this on any acne scars or areas with redness, and of course, my undereyes. The downside to this is that there is like no shade range, only two shade options. There’s this one (“Dore”) and then a lighter one (“Clair”).

Mai’s Picks

Avène Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Fluid SPF 50+

$28.00 USD | 40 ml / 1.3 fl oz

My first favorite arrived later in the month of May, but it doesn’t make me love it any less. As a long time fan of Avène, I get excited every single time they send things my way. Summer is approaching, and while you SPF is a must year round, I try to be extra careful in the hotter months. My body burns extremely easily, and my face is even more prone to sun damage. This mineral sunscreen is great for all skin types, and with it being SPF 50+ AND tinted, it wasn’t hard for me to fall in love. If you’re still not sold, this product is also fragrance-free (!!!), paraben-free, octinoxate-free, and oxybenzone-free (two ingredients that are harmful to the ocean’s coral reefs and have actually been banned in some states). Also, a side note, oxybenzone has been detected in almost all American blood, and can be harmful to the body’s endocrine system. Okay, I’m done with the PSA now.) ANYWAY, I really, really have been enjoying this product. And, since it’s tinted, it’s perfect for me to just throw on after my morning skincare, and run out the door. The tint in this is sheer + comfortable, and leaves my skin looking glowy and natural without clinging to any dry patches I may have (although it does have a nice matte finish - it’s not TOO matte, if you catch my drift). This product is hypoallergenic and free from chemical sun filters. I love this. They also have a formula that isn’t tinted, and was sent my way. I haven’t tried that one as much as this one, but I’m sure it’s great as well.

Youth To The People Adaptogen Soothe + Hydrate Activated Mist

$42.00 USD | 118 ml / 4 fl oz

If you keep up with our IG posts regularly, you’ve seen me rave about the Adaptogen Moisture Cream time and time...and time again. When I received YTTP’s new addition to their Adaptogen line, the Soothe + Hydrate MIST, I was ecstatic. I love a good facial mist, and I love YTTP. Let me start out by saying, the spray nozzle on this is fantastic. I’m SO picky about the way a facial mist feels when I spray it onto my skin, and this is one of the better nozzles I’ve come across. It’s super fine, super light, and not chunky whatsoever. A dream. This mist is meant to hydrate and soothe any redness you may have, which, HELLO - my skin in a nutshell. It also is meant to even out the skin tone using antioxidants, hyaluronic acid (one of my favorite ingredients), and soothing peptides. They describe this product as “a serum in a mist”, and I’d have to agree. YTTP recommends 3-6 sprays 3 times a day for best results. And while I don’t always remember to use it that often, I still love it when I do remember.. So does my skin. YTTP hasn’t disappointed me yet!

Flamingo Body Lotion

$9 USD | 296 ml / 10 fl oz

(full size not pictured, 3 oz bottle comes in Flamingo’s Shave Set)

Flamingo sent this product to me amongst a few other body care products, and this one absolutely stood out the most. I’m always looking for a good body lotion, since I tend to be on the dryer side, but I’m extremely picky about lotions. I actually used to HATE lotion growing up, I hated how it made my skin / hands feel. Typically because I would try lotions that left me sticky and uncomfortable. This Flamingo body lotion does the complete opposite though, and that’s why I love it. The scent is also a plus, with notes of asian pear, white freesia, and vetiver. A super cozy scent, and a very comfortable lotion. It absorbs into the skin super quickly, and doesn’t leave behind any sort of residue. Aside from being hydrating, it also has gentle exfoliating properties (!!!) - something I was super excited to find out. The key ingredients featured are white willowbark extract, papaya fruit extract, and squalene. Love!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our newest picks, and we will see you back here at the end of June with our next round! We love you guys, thank you for everything.