Our Favorite Products from July


Dax’s Picks

Bioderma Sensibio Mild Cleansing Foaming Gel

$9.90 - $19.90 USD

This must be my favorite cleanser. It’s a no-fuss product for me, meaning I can rely on it not to dry out my skin, irritate me or anything along those lines. The entire Sensibio line from Bioderma is my go-to when I happen to over-exfoliate my skin, or if I need a break from acids. Everything is super mild and gentle, but also effective! For those of you who stay away from foaming cleansers (since they’re known to be more drying), this one still foams a little bit but it’s in no way drying. It also kind of reminds me of the Youth To The People cleanser in its texture, consistency and amount of foam it creates when lathered. The Sensibio line is made for people with sensitive skin, so it’s perfect, even if you don’t have sensitive skin, for those times when your skin needs a little TLC.

Versed The Shortcut Overnight Facial Peel

$19.99 USD

This overnight peel blew my mind the first time I used it. I was so shocked that it actually showed results the next morning. For those of you who haven’t read my review on Instagram, I went to sleep with a forehead full of texture and woke up with maybe only a few bumps, but it was noticeably smoother. Noticeable not just by me, but other people could see it too! I knew I would love this product because of the lactic and glycolic acid combo. Those two are SO good. Lactic acid is one of the more hydrating exfoliating acids. The directions say to apply it instead of your usual skincare routine (so after cleansing). I thought that maybe I’d still need to moisturize, since peels can sometimes feel drying. Well, I didn’t even have to moisturize with this, it’s hydrating enough in itself for my skin. I said on Instagram that if you have particularly dry skin, you might want to moisturize after applying it if your skin is telling you that it needs it. It’s pretty gentle to me, I’m able to use it back to back some nights and up to 3x a week as directed.

Overall, Versed has been really impressing me. I haven’t disliked a single one of their products that I’ve tried so far. They put their formulas first, formulating their products to EU standards. Also, all of their products are under $20! Thumbs up for being affordable and amazing.

Youth To The People Kombucha + 11% AHA Exfoliation Power Toner

$38.00 USD

Yet another lactic and glycolic acid combo! At first this toner seemed a little intimidating, for some reason I got the feeling like it would be super strong. After using it, I didn’t find it too strong at all. It comes with a label that says you might experience tingling, which I’m sure some people do, but I didn’t. I personally find it really hard for me to find a toner that I love that’s not just a hydrating toner. I’ve only come across maybe two or three including this one that have made the cut. This toner claims to smooth and firm skin as well as minimize the appearance of pores. I can say that all of the above are true. Now I use it on nights where I don’t use the Versed overnight peel (above).

Mai’s Picks

Hey everyone! I’m back with some new favorites / PR picks for the month of July! I feel like these posts come around so quickly every month - but maybe it’s just me! I don’t have a huge selection of products from this month, solely because I’ve been out of town for the entirety of July and haven’t had that much time to test out (or even open) all of the things I’ve received! 

However, I do genuinely love all of these items and use them on a daily/weekly basis so, quality over quantity right? 

I’m really excited since I actually have a hair product to share with you !!! As most of you probably (maybe?) know, I shaved my head in March of last year and I’m now JUST getting to a point where it’s actually able to grow out without me wanting to buzz it off again. Therefore, I’m testing a ton of new products now that I actually have hair to put them in lol.

Briogeo Color Me Brilliant Mushroom + Bamboo Color Protect Shampoo

$28.00 USD

Briogeo sent this over to me along with the matching conditioner and leave-in primer. I love them all! Although, my conditioner pump arrived broken and it’s made it slightly difficult for me to use hahah, I still have thoroughly used them and love them all. The shampoo, however, is probably a stand-out product for me. This whole line is all natural and formulated with Turkey Tail Mushroom, which is a vegan keratin protein that helps to prolong your hair color. I do actually have colored (and bleached) hair, which prompted me to try this line out in the first place. The shampoo really leaves my hair feeling nice and cleansed without feeling stripped and dry. I love how hydrated and healthy this whole line makes my hair feel! The shampoo smells incredible, and all-in-all is a great staple product to have in your shower line-up. Pomegranate and Bamboo Leaf extracts leaves a nice shine on the hair. It’s just a great line by Briogeo.

The Color Me Brilliant line is free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone and talc; also free of artificial dyes and DEA. 

ALSO an honorable mention hair product from this month is the Nomad Transcend Serum - which we actually just did a great giveaway of. I thought about adding it to this post, but I figured I didn’t need to since we just did a giveaway where I went into great detail about how much I love it! However, if you’re here looking for more recommendations, check out that hair serum as well! Super jam packed with amazing ingredients, and my hair loves it.

Frank BodY A-Beauty Scrub

$18.95 USD

Another product that I just recently raved about, but I didn’t get to go into too much detail without hitting the IG caption character limit lol. ANYWAY, I’ve tried every single scrub Frank Bod has released, and have actually loved them all. BUT this one ….. Takes the cake for me. I’m an avid sunless tanner girl, and if you’re into that as well, you know the importance of prior exfoliation. Therefore, these scrubs save my life more often than not and pair perfectly with my favorite self-tanner. If you’re not familiar with Frank Bod and their scrubs, they make super affordable yet effective coffee scrubs (and other super cute products), and their newest release is their A-Beauty scrub, a vegan and cruelty-free coffee scrub that has the most amazing ingredients inside of it. Kakadu Plum, which is extremely rich in Vit C and Finger Lime (a naturally occurring form of AHA) both help to brighten skin, fade scars, and tackle hyperpigmentation. This scrub smells beautiful, feels beautiful, and gives a beautiful end result. I use this a few times a week whenever I shave or, like I mentioned, self tan, and I absolutely adore it. 

Sand & Sky Porefining Face Mask

$49.00 USD

I think I’ve mentioned this before? I know I’ve talked about my love for Sand & Sky and their products in the past, but I just want to reiterate how much I love this mask. And it’s not cheating since I actually did receive this product this month! I had forgotten how much I loved it until I tried it again, and then I remembered. This mask pairs so well with my sensitive skin while also being effective, and I love it. This is an Australian Pink Clay Mask - clay masks normally don’t do well with my skin for whatever reason, so I was skeptical about this one at first. However, I really, really enjoy it. This is marketed as a 4-in-1 mask that detoxes, invigorates, refines and brightens. I feel like it actually does all of the above! The cool thing about the Sand & Sky site is that they give you instructions on how to use their products based off your own skin type! It’s extremely helpful to check out. It’s nice to know that their products are formulated for all skin types and can be used accordingly. So yeah, love this mask, and love Sand & Sky! If you haven’t given them a shot yet, I totally recommend it. 

And that’s about all from us for this month! I hope you’ve all enjoyed this and maybe even found some new products for your daily/weekly routines! We’ll see you back here for next month’s faves! In the meantime, be on the lookout for new posts from us to keep you entertained.

Love you guys! Thank you for the never-ending support n love <3

Mai + Dax


*All products were gifted, opinions are our own.