6 Beauty and Skincare Product Organization Tips To Streamline Your Routine


While the products on my vanity are always changing, something that’s always a constant are my organization habits. As a blogger, I’m always receiving new products and that means clutter happens very fast. When I was first moving into my apartment I found it really difficult to find a set up that worked for me and my routine. About a year after moving in I finally discovered a way to streamline my skincare and makeup routine while keeping my vanity looking pretty and organized.

  1. Figure out a storage solution that will fit your space.

    For my vanity, I decided to place it on top of my dressers which gave me a wide enough space to buy a long shelf. I actually improvised and purchased a shoe shelf. If you have a small area you might want to look for a storage solution that goes up vertically instead of horizontally. This small shelf is perfect for tight spaces and can hold so much!

  2. Drawers are great for separating products by type, time of use, or any other way you choose to organize them.

    There are stackable drawers for those of you with smaller spaces as well. I tend to prefer drawers over acrylic organizer set ups because I like to move things around a lot. You can also reuse old, nice looking boxes like the ones that candles come in. I keep some nail polishes in mine and use them sort of as a catch-all.

  3. You should always take measurements of your space before you decide to purchase anything!

    I decided to put my drawers in my shelving unit, so I had to make sure that the height of the drawers would fit correctly. If it doesn’t fit you’ll be in trouble. Also keep in mind how big your drawers need to be compared to the amount of product you have. If you need bigger drawers you could look into purchasing shoe drawers which are pretty roomy.

  4. Keep the products you use in the bathroom, in the bathroom cabinet.

    I keep my cleansers and masks in the bathroom so I don’t have to run back and forth between my vanity and the bathroom. Makeup, haircare and other skincare products stay on my vanity. If you don’t have a mirror on your vanity, consider getting one either standing on your vanity or hung on the wall so you can move products out of the bathroom and onto your vanity.

  5. Store your makeup with the label visible, especially with lipsticks!

    I learned this tip from ITG and it has worked perfectly for me. My lipsticks all have the shade name facing up so I don’t have to pick each one out and see the color. Same goes for a few of my blushes that I have in different shades.

  6. This is probably the hardest step, but it has to be done. Declutter!

    If your products are overflowing out of your organization set up, that’s a clear sign that you need to declutter. Consider donating new and gently used products to organizations such as Project Beauty Share, or give some to friends and family. Pass them on to someone who get more use out of them than you are.